Thursday, January 2, 2014

new year's identities!

got into a great conversation with my sons that ended up being something
to take into our thinking about the coming new year.

we were talking about 'identities.'
everyone's got 'em. you know.....what you think of yourself as -
mother, sister, daughter, wife, artist, buddhist, yoga master,
healer, boxer, great driver, fast thinker........

and we all have multiple identities.
and interestingly enough, they don't have to be all good.
which caught me by surprise til i thought about that.

of course!
you can be a slow learner, a bad cook, a messy housekeeper,
a gardener with a black thumb.......

so we were talking about these.
and what we thought ours were.
that in itself is a great topic.

and then we talked about what identities we would LIKE to have, but don't.

ooooooohhh. that's a cool question.

and we all agreed that we could pick an identity if we wanted to,
and work towards it during the year.

is that not a great idea?!

i thought it was an interesting twist on new year's resolutions!
how about new year's identities!

what are the ones you carry now?
which ones would you like to enhance?
which ones would you like to put down?
and which ones would you like to pick up?

could be fun!
thought it was perfect timing to offer the thought......


Diane in AR said...

I love it - especially dropping the identities we 'think' we might have wanted - for me (half your list) messy housekeeper and black thumb gardener - not worrying about those anymore - thank you!! I would carry on - hmmm - making people smile and searching for JOY. I would enhance the ol' housekeeping thing because I should and will be happier when I do, and I'd like to pick up thinking harder and deeper. . . and Terri, this is just the tip of the iceberg - got me some serious thinking to do after today's blog - thanks!!!

AkasaWolfSong said...

I think it is just amazing how many different hats we can put on in a day...
Identies, eh? Pretty darn cool Sistah!
I left a little blog entry over at Stone Soup should you find a few moments Sweet Lady, :)
Happy New Year Star Sister!

terri st. cloud said...

diane, you totally made me smile! you and me both on the thinking!! and akasa! so good to see ya, woman. will head on over and check it out.....