Friday, January 3, 2014

it's the journey journey journey journey journey journey

nothing like starting off the new year with something important in your life
just not goin' how you want it to.

anyone relate?

so there i am trying to fix it and make it all okay.
cause really - i just want my life to be all okay.

uh huh.

and it's the new year, right? i want to start it all of in really good shape with stuff.

uh huh.

like what planet am i from?
have i EVER had it ALL okay and have i EVER started the new year in
really good shape with stuff?

like isn't that the point, terri??
isn't that what you sit with every year -
the fresh start, diggin' in and workin' hard to make things better?

oh yeah.

but there's another point.
one i already mentioned here a few days ago and took ohhhhhh about
24 hours to forget completely.

but then, on the treadmill walkin' out a ton of frustration -
i heard a voice.

'it's the journey.'


i turned my head towards the little voice and said 'say what?
knowing darn well what it said, but wanting to hear it again.

'it's the journey, goose.
it's the journey.
you're getting lost in the destination.'

and i swear, i could feel the weight lift right off.

i really really get hung up in the end results.
and it is a completely different way of looking at things if you just know -
it's the journey that counts.

isn't that what i wrote after every single resolution i made??

oh yeah.
maybe it'd be good to actually remember these things.
thank goodness i've got that little voice that helps me when i forget!


AkasaWolfSong said...

and to quote somebody I know...
"it's a river you must dare to ride" journey, journey, journey! :)

terri st. cloud said...

so good to have you floatin' around on my river a bit, woman! :)

diane in ar said...

love that little voice we have. . .I need to remember to listen !! Love to remember its all about the journey - if we concentrate on that - who knows what the final destination could turn out to be - maybe even some place more awesome than we imagined. . . one step, one day/hour at a time. . .