Monday, January 6, 2014


i watched a movie over the weekend that was unbelievable.
it was the story of two guys who were doin' the impossible mountain climb,
and sure enough, they just about died.......

one broke his leg and the story of him making his way back is just incredible.

honestly, i think he was one of the few people who could have made it.
i'm not so sure too many others would have.

here's the thing that i thought was really awesome and something i wanted
to take away from it.....

he was faced with the impossible.

(he makes my impossibles look like pieces of cake!)

and what he did at one point was he divided it all into 20 min. segments.
he made goals.....i'm gonna get over to that spot in the next 20 min.
and he'd time himself.

and if he made it before 20 min, he felt great, and if he made it
in more than 20 min, he felt like he should have done it better, or something
like that. and over and over and over and over and over and over and over
again that guy set his goals. and he lived for each goal. he did his best
for each time.

and we're talking things none of us ever want to live thru.

so i'm thinking about my little impossible things.
and how the 20 min. goal seems like an awesome idea.
or maybe not 20 min.
but you get the idea -
little snippets of time you can deal with.
where it's not so overwhelming.

i believe my dad used to call this the 'salami technique'.......
where you slice the big sausage in front of you into slices you can
deal with.

i wish he coulda seen this movie. it woulda amazed him at the
salami technique in action!

i keep thinking about it......
and keep thinking it's another great thing to take into the new year.......
the entire movie just made a huge impression on me.
the guy who survived would prolly roll his eyes to think that's what i took
away from it.......but that was the PRACTICAL thing i took....
wanted to share.......


Diane in AR said...

That is an awesome technique - break it down to something or some time absolutely manageable and attainable. . .tackle it that way - brilliant - thanks for sharing Ter !!

terri st. cloud said...

now,diane, if i can just remember to do it! :)

linda marie said...

I found this last week... maybe it could help us!

terri st. cloud said...

ohmygosh, linda marie!!! that is AWESOME! i'm on it! THANK YOU!