Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the not so little things

yesterday was a caffeinated day for sure.

i had more than i could possibly do.
deadlines i was trying to make.
and was totally over my head every way i turned.

but it felt good.
sometimes the craze makes me feel alive.

we're sposed to have a record cold day today.
wicked cold for us.

as i heard the wind picking up last nite,
i prayed my trees would stay standing and
nothing at all would land on my house.

i prayed the pipes would stay solid
and i promised the universe i would learn all i need to learn
about valves and shut offs and pipe warmers.
that i really didn't need to learn the hard way.
that i was a willing student and could learn under good circumstances.
and i swore an oath to trim my trees at the first possible chance.
just please.......leave everything in tact. 

i called my elderly neighbor, checked in with my sons,
and got dramatic with my guy.

the cold was coming.

funny how the smallest things can add such a touch to an already crazed day.

and there's something about that that just totally delights me.

it occurred to me to set up a work station by the fire.
get away from the computer, concentrate, and work where it was warm.

and suddenly, doing numbers and my books went from dread to delight. 

'let's see.' i said out loud to myself. 'i'll need an extension cord,
the adding machine, oh. and snacks!'

and i cackled with delight.
yes. LOTS of snacks.

it felt a little bit like those magic snow days you get when you're a kid.

just a little bit different but still with a touch of excitement, and the tingle of being alive.

it doesn't take much, does it?
and THAT is maybe one of the things i love most about being alive.
the delight in the little things.

here's to warm fires to cozy in by,
for loved ones to check in with,
for trees standing where they are rooted,
and pipes staying in one piece with water flowing freely.

hmmmmmmmmm guess those really aren't such little things, are they??

here's to the great glory of huge gifts that surround us every single day!

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diane in ar said...

I raise my big mug of hot chocolate and join you in the toasting (too much coffee already today. . .) but I AM getting things done - love the little/big things !!