Friday, December 20, 2013

the line that snagged me.....

i grabbed the day to get centered.
nesting and cooking and getting ready for christmas.

i had the christmas carols playing....
and there was that line.

wasn't the first time i noticed it this season -

'and the soul felt its worth....'

it grabbed me again.

i snagged a pen and wrote it down.

and the soul felt its worth.

do you think it always knows?
always knows its worth?
i do.
maybe more than just knows it.
maybe just is it.
what part of us forgets it?
what part of us doesn't believe it?
what part of us won't step into it?

i don't have any great insight about it,
or any profound thought.

just the line and the wondering about it.

i want to know my worth.
really really know it.
and feel it.

all of me.
not just part of me.


linda marie said...

I am always amazed how the Christmas season fits in with solstice. Jesus may not have been born in December, but it is a lovely month, allegorically, in which to consider the birth of the one who is called the son (sun) of God.

Christmas (solstice) comes and slowly the light comes back -- revealing our worth and our purpose. The darkness has done it's work. We have taken our rest. And hope comes with the dawning of the sun!

Thank you for reminding me of these lyrics. They almost got past me this year!

terri st. cloud said...

you know what i loved? where you said 'the darkness had done its work.' ohhhhhhh man, great line!

Diane Stefan said...

I've sung that song for years, sung that phrase, but never really thought about it. . .yeah, how important is that overlooked phrase. . .THE SOUL FELT ITS WORTH - wow, how awesome and strong is that, a miracle, a prayer, a wish for each of us for our soul, and ourselves to each feel our worth. . .Thanks Ter for the reminder to really, really listen. . .

terri st. cloud said...

me too, diane! first year i really noticed that one~! :)