Friday, January 10, 2014

a great line

'be true to who you are.'

it's a sentence i bumped into somewhere along the way this week.

i wrote it down on my chalkboard.

my chalkboard hangs right by where i work.
every week i write a thought on it.
something i want to hold and keep in my mind.

this week when i read that sentence,
i knew that was the thought i wanted to hold.

'be true to who you are.'

gosh that's packed full.

who are you really?
what do you think you are?

unfortunately, i meet a lotta people who have a hard time liking themselves.
so this might not work so great for them.
altho, if that's the case, i would encourage them to look really really deep.
to dig until they found the light in themselves.

i believe in my light.
i do.
i just forget about it a lot.
or i get sidetracked from it.
or i get tired and look in another direction.

and i know i do a lot better when i'm aware of it
and when i'm true to it.

all week i saw that line, and all week i nodded and brought that
thought back to the front of my mind.

it's definitely made a difference.

this silly chalkboard is workin' wonders for me........

1 comment:

diane in ar said...

'be true to who you are' - definitely an oft and over-used cliche unless one really stops to think about it and really tries to do it - which YOU remind us is quite possible!!! We need some stick-to-it-ivness. . .or maybe some stickTRUEitivness !!! We can do this!! Start within and truly be true to ourselves and who we are - thanks for the reminder Ter!!