Monday, January 13, 2014

choosing the laughter

i was so completely fried by friday nite.
maybe that's why the call it friday nite!
if you work hard  all week, forget it, you'll be fried!

i had worked my rear end off.
was ready for a weekend of nothing.

and that so makes me laugh typing that out.
like where the heck is my head sometimes?
maybe i was READY for a weekend of nothing,
but my weekends are RARELY filled with nothing.
there are so many emotions jammed packed in a few days.

and this weekend was no exception.

so many different kinds of emotions,
so many different kinds of moments.

where do i start? i wondered as i sat down to blog.
which thing do i pick out and concentrate on?

why the laughter, of course.

the laughter.

cause as i sat back and thought of all that i had experienced,
i realized the best moments were some close moments with my guy,
and some funny moments with all my guys.

and this good feeling just swept over me.
not all the stuff this weekend was good.
some of it was hard, frustrating, hurt filled, all that gunk.

but the best moments?
the love and the laughter.

and those things can totally outshadow the other.

so there we were, laughing hysterically as a group.
i had reacted to a scene in a movie.
it was unexpected, jolted me, and i had screamed
and unwittingly threw my drink up in the air.
which ended up all over me and the couch.

no one was sure this movie was gonna be a good fit for me to begin with.
and here we were, maybe seven minutes in, and i was already
throwing my drink in the air.

this brought on hysterical laughing that can only happen when
you're in the company of those you love and those who know you best.

relaying it later to josh, who had been absent, we heartily laughed
all over again. he commented that he could just picture it and felt like
he had been there. and we laughed some more.

and that was it.
that's what i wanted to blog about.

laughing til i cried.
and loving who i was laughing with.

because, you see, it's not an isolated event.
it happened because of the life i have shared with these people.
it happened because of all we've been thru.

and that is something i hold way way dear.
and pulls me back into a place of gratitude,
when i forget sometimes and start to get lost in the gunk of the world.

we need more of it!


Diane in AR said...

Great blog (again !!) To sum it up to Bone Sigh size: CHOOSE LAUGHTER AND GRATITUDE WILL FOLLOW Laughing with you and reminding myself to spread joy and laughter even over the gunky parts . . .

terri st. cloud said...

love that, diane!