Thursday, January 23, 2014

cosmic timing

why does cosmic timing still surprise me?!

it happened again.
and just in thinking how much i needed it,
and how it came right to me, tears fill my eyes.

i had 'met' her briefly thru email.
and i could feel a grace about her right away.
i liked her.
when i went to check out what she was doing,
i knew i wanted to be spreading her around.
a lotta people who come thru bone sighs could use her work.

she worked with self hatred.

i didn't really think i had a self hatred thing goin' on.
i had seen people come thru who did.
and that was different than stuff i had felt.
but that's a tricky thing, isn't it?

there's no darn black and white.
we all have all kindsa pieces of stuff.

cause what's shame?
i'm not sure if you'd call shame self hatred or not.
but if you don't call them the same thing, you sure can link them together.

but i hadn't put that together yet.

i had just gotten to the point where i knew there were people
who needed her. and began plans to feature her with our website.

so then i have my big tidal wave of shame hit me the other day, right?
(see a few posts below)....and i knew......just knew.....i had to do
something with it. but just didn't know what! but i knew to go forward
the way i wanted - i had to do something.

and then as i was kinda stuck in a tangled ol' mess, not knowing
what to do - and feeling quite lost and hopeless -

this very woman's book arrives at my doorstep!!

she had gifted me a copy.

when i pulled it out of the envelope i gasped!
'Healing Through Shame to Wake Up the Love'

no kidding.
no darn kidding.

i knew the title before. had seen it on her site.
but forgot it.
when i read it i couldn't believe it.
and gasped and grabbed it like it was a life line.

and you know what?


i randomly opened the book and found something practical
i could do right away. i dropped her an email thanking her.
i love practical thinking that gives me tools to use.

but i had work to do - business work. i didn't have time to read it right then.
and yet, there was no way i wasn't gonna check it out more.

every cell in my body was screeching at me.
what was more important right now?

i made dinner and read it as i was cooking.
i sat down and ate and finished the first chapter.

underlining as i went.

i am so excited about this book i could just shout everywhere!

here's just one little snippet from the first chapter.
i'll be sharing more!

'Healing through shame involves having the courage to believe that
we are so much more than what we have been told about ourselves.
It is to come back into the realization that we truly are sacred beings
who have become temporarily overwhelmed by someone else's false
and hurtful expectations about what the world 'should' or 'shouldn't' be.
By remembering our own heritage, we have the opportunity to embrace
the individual beauty of our own heart and soul.'

something i love about her - she's not dwelling in the past.
i'm sure she could fill volumes of books with icky stories she's experienced.
but that's not where her focus is.
her focus is on healing and how to get there.

gosh, that in itself is a breath of fresh air.
and then to have someone who's worked thru all this and come up with
practical suggestions for the rest of us?

ohmygosh - treasure. gold. jackpot.

i am thrilled. and will be continuing to read and will definitely be spreading
cheryl and her book around as much as i can.

you can find her here.
along with her book.
i vote you buy it.
i'll be buying copies for gifts!

and here's the kicker - there's no way she's learned this the easy way.
i can't even imagine her journey to get to this point.

she's suffered.
and she's grown.
and she's offering what she's learned.

when i think of that bone sigh - 'she didn't just survive, she became.' i think
of women like cheryl. and i am so grateful for what they offer. and the grace
that they offer it with.


Chelle128 said...

Wow. I am right now doing an online course by Brene Brown called "The Gifts of Imperfection" based on her book of the same title. She is a shame researcher....and in the first week of her class, she uses one of your quotes! The spiral continues. Thanks for being you. (PS: I LOVE the background of this page!!! If you ever decide to teach in-person classed about your technique, I am so IN!) :)

terri st. cloud said...

chelle! nice to have you stop by! a few posts down i wrote about how i was feelin' the shame and went to youtube to check out ms. brene! i'd love to see brene and this author, cheryl, hook up! wow! it would be earth moving!

Diane in AR said...

Thank you for this awesome blog and for telling us about Brene Brown - will be looking into her words. . .and wow - Chelle 128 says Brene used one of YOUR quotes - awesome!!