Friday, January 24, 2014

one more snippet....

okay you guys.
i'm gonna give you another snipped outta the shame book i just got.

and then i'll stop. you'll need to buy it if you want more! :)

i just read this and thought 'everyone needs to hear this!' -

'Shame is never about the person being shamed. It is always about
the shamer's inability to respect an aspect of who they are shaming.
This sentence of profound truth is freedom. It encourages us to separate
ourselves from someone else's hurtful ideas so that we can feel confident
in our own identities. It reminds us that, in moments of shame, the shamer
is unable to listen to their own inner needs and pursue fulfilling them without
hurting themselves and others. In that same moment of shame, we too
have needs that require honesty and attention. Focusing on our needs and
what fulfills us, even in those moments, is how we lift the weight of shame
off of us. It is also how we start to create our own desired world.'

i'm still not that far into the book but am loving it.

i gotta say tho, i wanted to just read the little bit of the book i did and have
my shame just disappear. just like magic. poof. go away.

yeah, what can i say?
i'm real mature that way.

as you can guess, it didn't.
and i know....that's an okay thing.
cause what i learn along the way here is gonna be invaluable.
and yeah, as much as i grumble, i really do want to learn.

thanking cheryl for being a great teacher right now.

you can find her, her website and her book right here -
'healing through shame to wake up the love'


Diane in AR said...

wow. . .thanks for sharing ter, keep warm today. . .this books sounds amazing. . .

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, diane. i'm lovin' it! and yeah, ms. two degrees outside, i'll keep warm and you do the same!

Diane in AR said...