Monday, February 3, 2014

a piece of fabric...

i started reading my own book to myself.
how's that for a little bit crazy?

i'm gonna try to post something from it, maybe once a week,
to keep it all floating in my mind.

so i hit a page about using the image of water.
and i think it's something i want to pick up again - that water image.

here's what i read - it starts with a quote and ends with a quote,
so i'm gonna type out the whole thing -


before it was like a drip she'd hear now and then. 
not sure where it came from or what it was about.
it wasn't until it became a stream that she saw it.
and now she knew it.
her river of strength,
running thru her,
gaining power, 
growing fast
and taking her with it.

I think the image of water is powerful and can be used in so many ways to walk
through what's going on inside of us. It can remind us that we have an inner core
of strength. It an also help us remember that we can work with the things running
through us. It is a part of us; we can touch it and we can direct it just as it directs us.
There have been times when I feel overwhelmed with negative emotions, when I
feel that everything running through me is going in the wrong direction, when my
internal flow is heading down the wrong river bank.

      'to try to stand up in a current that can feel overwhelming and to turn
       that current around, that's what i want to do.
       i want to redirect the flow.
       redirect the flow seems like it's going to take a lot of muscle.
       but just imagine the raft ride afterward.'

she sat with her toes in the water.
the girl that is me.
sitting by my river of strength.
and i understood that they were connected.
and i understood that my exploring had only just begun. 

that's what i read.
and maybe it only makes sense cause i wrote it.
the thing it did for me was remind me of the river of inside of me.
it reminded me that what i do with it is up to me.
and it reminded me that i want to tune in so much deeper.

i liked that.
curious about the book?
you can find it here.


diane in ar said...

Love today's blog and love this book!! I'm reading it slow, giving each part time to be thought about, to be tasted and tested and then I read some more. . .so many good, good images and visualizations and affirmations - everyone needs this book at their bedside !!

terri st. cloud said...

and everyone needs a diane by their side for sure! thank you, woman! :)

Diane in AR said...

You're welcome, you know how much I love and appreciate your wise words, good heart and. . .YOU!!

Thanks. . .smiling. . .

terri st. cloud said...