Friday, January 31, 2014

learnin' from them still....

it's my youngest son's birthday today.

and he's not so darn young anymore.
it's really really really hard to wrap my head around
the fact that i have three grown men for kids.

i was thinking about him as i ran around doin' a few things
to get ready to celebrate.

he's one of my heroes.
how cool is that?!

i'm not sure, maybe a lotta moms feel that way.
but it doesn't feel like a 'mom' thing -
it feels like it's because he really is awesome.
not because he's my kid.
and i feel way way lucky to have him in my life.

even beyond lucky.


so i got to thinking of the things i've learned from him.

and i think that maybe one of the biggest things he's taught me,
and keeps teachin' me is this -

there's no excuse not to know.

if you want to know something -
go figure it out........find out about it....ask, research, experiment,try it -

and tagged on to that is this one -
it's never easy to learn something new. so what? do it anyway.

that's kinda cool, isn't it?

i think a lotta times people look at other people who have learned
something and figure it was easy for them. they didn't have to work as
hard at it, it came naturally to them.

please insert the famous raspberry noise here.

that's such a lame thought.

everyone works for what they learn.
and the ones who make it look easy are more than likely the ones who
have worked the hardest.

i watch my son.
even when i think it's easy for him, i realize it's not.
he works hard and he grows.
all the time.

he's a constant inspiration to me to just go do it.

i thought that was pretty cool.
i wanted to put that out there today.

it's something maybe we all need to remember.

the world is a way cooler place cause he's in it.
and i know i'm a way better person because of him.

wishin' my hero one heck of a happy birthday!


Diane in AR said...

How awesome that your sons are your heroes - and celebrating Zakk with you today - you've raised some mighty fine young men and the fact that you learn from them - each of them - is wonderful. Cheers to Zakk today and to the mama who birthed him 22 years ago. . .

terri st. cloud said...

thanks ms. diane! toastin' back!