Monday, February 10, 2014

quick....not sure on the easy....

this is a quick and easy thought -

how would our world's change if we gave everyone the benefit of the doubt?

well...okay.....not EVERYONE.
but those we love.
and a lotta other people too.

i got to thinking how important this is.

and i mean, really - why DON'T we do that for the ones we love?

i do a lot.
i gotta say i do.

but i gotta tell ya -
i can do better.
way better.

stop and think about it.
i bet if you do, you can see a place or two that could use it as well.

think of all the times we wished we had been offered that courtesy.
and think of all the times we've missed offering it to others.

yeah, it's a quick thought -
but maybe it's not quite so easy.

1 comment:

Diane in AR said...

You're right - we want folks to give US the benefit of the doubt, but we probably don't do it ourselves nearly as often as we should - what a great reminder to start the week with!!! And, you're right - quick, not always so easy. . .but we can do our best!!!