Tuesday, February 11, 2014


i had the thought in yesterday's blog over the weekend-
about giving each other the benefit of the doubt...

i was thinking about it in sears of all places.

i mentioned it to a friend over the weekend as well.
she had dropped me an email.
she was worried that i would think badly of her over something.

i smiled when i saw her note.
of course i didn't.
and i told her what i'd been thinking -
about giving each other the benefit of the doubt.
i didn't even have to do that with her note.
but it brought the thought to mind.

she read the blog below - and she pointed out something really important -

she mentioned that i had worded it differently to her in my note.
and that difference was important.
and i had to agree with her -
there's a big difference in the wording.

here's what i wrote her -

'what if we all thought the best of each other?
what if we weren't sure about something we went to the better conclusion?

that's different enough to mention it again.

it's kinda like the shift from being in 'shame school' to changing it to 'beauty school.'

there's a difference between giving the benefit of the doubt
and thinking the best of each other.

it's a step up for sure.

and i wanted to put it out here to share.

i gotta wonder now, after seeing the difference in shame school vs beauty school,
and benefit of the doubt vs thinking the best of each other -

how many other things can become so much better by what looks like just
a slight change in words?

here's one that pops into my mind right away -
i like who i am vs i love who i am.

these are not such slight changes of words are they?

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Diane in AR said...

I needed to read this a couple of times to really 'get' it for me (not your writing, my getting - lol) and I have to agree - words are amazing and even little differences in choice of words makes big differences. . .I took a semantics course once and that fascinated me. . .what I'm taking from today's blog is to make things better - in what I say, do and write. . .thanks ter. . .