Monday, March 17, 2014

journeys, destinations, and rest stops

i was out shoveling my driveway -

shoveling my driveway monday morning,
and clearing the garden and doin' yardwork in my tee shirt the morning before -
i am loving this crazy mix of weather!

anyway, i was out shoveling and thinking.

i was thinking about the weekend and how i had gotten to a place
inside of me that i had really wanted to get to.

i thought about that.

it was a place.

you know how they always say 'it's not the destination, it's the journey?'
well, for this particular thing, i had a destination in mind.
it was like traveling to a place inside of me.
i'm absolutely positive the journey matters.
but this time, my eye was on the destination.

kinda like you'd travel to cleveland.

and it was really like travelin' to cleveland.

there were times i just blindly moved forward, knowing the road
ahead of me.

there were times i wasn't sure i was on the right road at all,
feelin' lost, but thinking 'this must be the way. don't turn around.
don't give up yet. just wait for the sign that tells you if it is or not.'
and feelin' nervous until i got that sign.

that kinda thing.

and when i got there, i knew it.
and a voice went thru my head at that exact moment saying -
'and we're home.'

that was the exact phrase that went thru my head.

it was pretty awesome.

here's the thing tho.

while it was like traveling somewhere, and yeah, why not say cleveland?
the traveling may be similar -
it's not like getting to cleveland tho.
cause it's not like once you're there, you're there.
and it's not like you don't leave til you decide to leave.

it's not like that at all.

it's like you gotta keep travelin'.
you gotta keep goin'.
you might stop and rest.
enjoy a scenic spot.
take in the view.

but if you don't pay attention,
you'll be sucked right back into some dark tunnel you passed
days ago and miles and miles ago.

so, while i was concentrating on the destination,
the journey never stops.
and i keep travelin'.
and maybe the destination just gets better and better.

it's a really weird mix.

i do have destinations i want to get to.
i really do.
but i see that the only way to not lose the places we get to -
or maybe not lose the value of the places we get to -
is to keep moving.
to keep journeying.

i do think tho that i'm gonna just take a little break
at this rest stop over here.....
maybe have some tea and look at the view before i hop back
on the road....

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Diane in AR said...

love today's blog - just what I needed on my journey today - love that we need to keep on moving, but we can rest, we can stop now and then. . .but we keep on moving, growing, learning, living. . .