Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the people around me - our fourth offering -

recently, i decided to tap into the incredible wealth of thoughts, insights and experiences 
of the people around me. i wrote to a buncha these different people asking for their insights
on different subjects to share on my blog. i hope to be posting one of their responses
here each wednesday.

this is our fourth offering in the series. from my friend, an' marie. when i first met her,
she totally blew me away with her photographs. i remember my breath just being taken
away by her work. and i remember her deep hesitation in offering her talents to the world.
as time's gone by, i've watched her step way way past that hesitation and offer not only
her photography, but her writing as well. i believe her offering makes a difference to the
world. i believe all of us have things we can share and offer that make a difference and
so i thought i'd ask an' marie for her thoughts on stepping past the fear and doing it! here's
what she had to share.

Is it ok?
Memory of the question popped into my head as I read my assignment from Terri to share any thoughts/insights I have on stepping thru the fear and offering my gifts; on believing in myself enough to do that. It is the question I asked Terri as I shared with her the final draft of my book. I smiled, remembering the response:

i'm actually sitting here laughing as i type.
yeah, An’ Marie.
it's's's so beyond okay.
but if we need to start with
okay, we'll start's okay.
and more.

Yes, I can speak to this, the fear of saying out loud, “I did this and it is beautiful.” Or worse, “These are my words, they are worth hearing.” There are layers upon layers wrapped around why it is hard and the process of unbinding these fears and false beliefs has been a poignant and profound journey. I found words where I thought I had none and beauty where darkness festered. More and more, I find I can speak and that when I embrace my courage and share my soul, I touch others’ souls and in turn, my heart opens. There is no greater gift.

I think that it may be true that my photography and words speak to some in a visceral space, body and soul. I am touched and honored to support that space. I am coming to believe that in my vulnerability I give others’ an opportunity to be vulnerable and to hold the beauty of their own vulnerability.

When I write, so often, it is what I want to believe that emerges. And as I share my aspirations, my becoming unfurls. The magic, I think, is in honoring the stillness and the dance, the ebb and the flow.

Here are the places you can share in my work:
My book, Resonance is available as softcover or as an ibook:

iBook Edition features: Introductory media with song ‘Layers’ by Lynn Hollyfield ( and readings by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana (
Softcover Edition can be purchased through CreateSpace Store ( and (  This edition contains a link to download the audio readings by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana.

I invite you to follow my blog:

And in the spirit of stepping out there I am going to ask you for some help in getting my work seen. I've entered a photography competition - Exposure2014.
In addition to the juried component, there is opportunity of exposure of the work based on popular vote. (You do need to log in with name and email in order to vote, however, the galleries are amazing to look through and the unsubscribe simple if you don't want to check out all the cool galleries! Photography friends - you may want to enter your own work!!)

I'd like to reach 100 votes so my work can get some international viewing:
100 votes guarantees the artist inclusion in a digital display of work that will be traveling the globe via museum quality flat screen monitors. See.Me will be shipping these monitors to New York, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles and Hong Kong where the work will be on display as part of the digital show for one week in each city.

The link to my entry and to vote:

Thanks so much for your help and for seeing me!

An’ Marie 


Diane in AR said...

Wow - thanks for sharing An' marie!!! beautiful words and beautiful pictures. . .

An' Marie said...

Thank you, Terri.
You have gifted me space each step of the way. I am blessed and honored to share in the magic you weave.
It is in your company that I discovered that magic truly does happen <3

terri st. cloud said...

very honored to share...thank you, an'marie.