Tuesday, March 11, 2014

trying not to be arrogant in response

i really don't like arrogance.
but then again, who does?

but i saw something interesting in myself while watching it up close.
let's see -
how should i put this?
the thoughts in my head were less than loving.

so if i'm sitting there thinking something like 'oh gosh you guys,
you suck with all these darn answers of yours.'

well, isn't that just as arrogant?
certainly just as obnoxious.

i noticed that,
and went to change the thought patterns.

should i show compassion?

well that turned a bit arrogant as well -

'gosh, what a shame you think you know everything,
you're missing so much.'

laughin' here.

you get the idea.

wow, terri, can you really only react to arrogance with arrogance?
c'mon girl, you can do better than that.

it took some adjusting, i gotta say.
but i did it.

i had to really sit and look at the person and see them as a person.
not their words.

i can't say i liked them any more.
but i can say that i could see them as humans tryin' to get by.

and i realized that my reactions were a bit defensive.
because i feel like with their answers, they discount me and my feelings.
that i don't count.
i guess.

but that's silly.
the only one who can discount me is me.

and right now, i'm in a really good place with me.
and i'm not doin' that.
so there isn't any big threat.
and i can let go of the snottiness.....
and just let them be.

okay, with a little effort.
but it's a start.


Diane in AR said...

GREAT - I feel the truth in your comments about meeting arrogance with arrogance because we felt their words discounted our/your feeling - I do that too. . .but I like how you saw them as trying to get by too, while at the same time reminding us that only we can discount ourselves. . .we CANNOT let other's words do it!! Good inspirational blog today - thank you!!!

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, diane!

margy said...

You really are amazing with your thoughts! It's so easy for me to forget that everyone else is just trying to figure it all out also - instead I give my power away to them and then get mad at them for what I think is them taking my power and putting me down as not as worthy as them. You are right - the only one who can discount me is me. Many thanks for another helpful insight Terri.

terri st. cloud said...

ah, thanks, margy! :)