Monday, March 24, 2014

weaving a few thoughts together

three strong thoughts whirling around me and thru me from the
weekend on into today -

the first is easy - i felt like the luckiest person alive this weekend.
had so much good in my life, i thought i might pop. it's carried thru to today.
i could not be more grateful for the people around me. and for these guys
in my life and the love that we share - i am beyond blessed.

the second is longer, but i'll nutshell so we can weave these together -
i think trying to make healthy choices in all parts of our life matters so much.
and it takes personal responsibility and strength to make that happen.
that's been on my mind for days.
there's volumes there. but that's the gist. and it's one heck of a gist when
you start watchin' for it. i want to make it more and more and more part of
my life.

the third is sad, so again i'll nutsell - thinking of my sister in law who i lost
two years ago today, and an old friend i was just getting to know again who
also passed two years ago right around now. they're on my mind so big time today.

and these three lumps of thoughts that have taken over me?
they weave together so beautifully, don't they?
talk about a gorgeously full tapestry!

a tapestry of living - of life while we have it - knowing it's not forever.
and the passings - the brevity - knowing we need to make the best of what
we've got - and appreciate those around us while we have them -
what a profound mix.

i want to grab life and appreciate it, and celebrate it.
i want to make it healthy and strong and full of real and honest love.
i want to stop and listen.
i want to hear and feel.
i want to dream and reach and stretch.
and i want to appreciate the gift of it all.

some days i do.
i really truly do.
and some days i forget.

i want to forget less
and live it more.

and as i look out the window at the budding trees -
i feel so ready to do just that.


Anonymous said...

~beautiful, Just the weaving's I needed today...


diane in ar said...

New Mantra - Forget Less, Do More!!

Bud, blossom and grow in gratitude every day. . .

Thanks for the reminder. . .so beautifully written here. . .

terri st. cloud said...
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terri st. cloud said...

feelin' grateful for both you ladies! thank you!