Thursday, April 10, 2014

a re-start

i did it again.

i keep thinking about being more aware,
paying more attention,
listening closer,
not just assuming -

and then -
i went ahead and 'put something' on someone.
i figured they worked like i did.

and so i assumed they needed something that they didn't need.

and then, after kinda getting hit between the eyes,
i saw that they didn't need what i thought they did.

oh for pete's sakes.

i got kinda ticked at myself.
wondering how many times i'd repeat the same mistakes...

but then i stopped myself and said 'okay, well you got that wrong.
instead of telling yourself how stupid you are, and battering yourself about
and instead of making up a new wrong thing about this person,
how about you try to really see - see yourself, and see them.

and ahem.
i have to admit...

this is progress.

because my pattern then is to go and assume a new wrong thing.
and yes, to beat myself up a whole lot in the process.

i think i saw, and am listening now.

so that's a good thing.

and here - this part is prolly a good thing too -
well, at least to REALIZE i do this -

i think what trips me up a gazillion times over is the assuming people
are working like i am.

if i just put that down, and don't assume ANYTHING,
and watch - and ASK - and listen -

well, seems like it's a good start to a good plan.

making a mental note of that today,
and starting all over once again.


Suzi Smith said...

yep… that's one of mine, think i just did it again too. Think it's cos i get so excited when i recognise something in someone & "assume" the rest fits too… *sigh*.
Lovely to find your blog…. absolutely love your work :-)

terri st. cloud said...

hey, suzi, THAT'S it! and i'm realizing i do it WAY too often. just went and checked YOU out! awesome stuff! nice to meet you!

Suzi Smith said...

now you've pointed it out, so do i, lol.

terri st. cloud said...


Diane in AR said...

smiling with you. . .