Friday, April 18, 2014

a reminder i really needed.

funny how things go -

i spent most of my life believing love always won.
then in my 40's i got that belief knocked outta me.

it sent me reeling for sure.
and i don't know as i'll ever be able to believe that again.

but it wasn't until yesterday that i really remembered the power love does have.

isn't that weird?

i mean, wouldn't you think i'd go searchin' for that?
like okay, maybe it doesn't always win, but it's way powerful, and let me
go see how much of that i still believe in? let me go see how powerful
i do think it is?

i didn't do that apparently.

i think i spent a long time just tryin' to stand up again after that.
and then seeing it and embracing it for sure.
i've done that many many times over.
i believe in love and want to live a life full of it.
but i don't think i ever stopped again to think about how powerful it was.
it was like i was burnt on that topic and wasn't goin' near it.

then yesterday, this thought flashed thru me -

'love is more powerful than your fears.'


there was that thought.

and it made an impression.
cause something i know?
is my fears are really really powerful.

my fears had come over me like a tsunami.
and their power had gotten my attention.

and then -
love covered them.
love just plain ol' washed right over those fears.
and i felt it.

it was like love broke thru something i didn't know how to break thru myself.

and my insides understood.

love was even more powerful than those deep deep fears of mine.

and i gotta say,
that's made a huge impression.

and it's reminded me that i had forgotten the power of love.
the real power of it.

and i am so so glad i was reminded again.
it's been way way too long.....

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