Monday, April 14, 2014

okay, so it was there......

i didn't do so good at finding the holy today.
(see post below)

as a matter of fact, i positively sucked at it.
it wasn't til the day was winding down and i was washing it off
in the shower that i could even try to look for it.

i found it.
but after the fact.
not too sure how good that is.....
but it's something, i guess.

miserable crept in all around like little bugs.

but you know what?
looking back thru it, there was plenty of sparkles of light as well.

it's just hard to see them thru the weight sometimes.......

best light ever tho?
sons on the other end of the telephone line giving me a pep talk..........

so now that i'm typing, i see there was some pretty hefty holy.


Anonymous said...

" Hefty Holy"
That has such a sweet silly magical ring to it!
I guess sometimes we are present for it, even when we can't see it..
You know what I love about this ( and the last post) Is the fact that you can be present for other people and tell them that they matter, and know it to your bones.
That you know you make a difference in other peoples lives, but just like that, you can forget and remember all at once.
thats such a tremendous gift, and even more is the real sharing...

Diane in AR said...

You've raised some pretty awesome sons and they've raised a pretty awesome mom. . .they are definitely bearers of light. . .