Tuesday, April 1, 2014

the gift of spring

it's sunny and warm here.

it is actually sunny


windows are open.
birds are chirpin'.

i managed to steal some time outside this morning.
not enough.
and i want more.
but at least i got one heck of a window seat here at work.

my back yard has a ton of moss in it.
and the moss is on fire with light and green.

it's like it just wakes up one day and sings with all its glory.

there's a green all around out there that's just poppin' with magic.
it's a different green. it's that spring green that just doesn't happen
any other time.

i sit here and think how lucky i am to be here,
at this window, workin' away and stealin' glances at
spring being born right in front of me.

i have no clue why we're here or what life is all about -
but i do know that my getting to view the world outside
my window is an absolute gift.

and i'm holdin' it with all i can today!


Diane in AR said...

LOVE ! Enjoy. . .sounds like you've definitely gone green - beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Finding this, was my bit of green today, and I am holding it..
treasuring it...