Monday, May 12, 2014

attitude is everything

so, yeah, it was a totally wonderful mother's day!
internet and phones even went out so i had my guys all to myself all day!

there was a huge house project i needed doing, so that was my gift
for mother's day. along with a great outdoor chair that i painted up all
funky right near where they worked. so i could chat and paint as they pounded
nails and ripped out old walls and stuff......

it couldn't have been more wonderful -
there were thousands of good parts -
one of them grabbing the lawn mower and mowing the whole darn yard
as an extra bonus, one of them runnin' up to the store to get some cookies
and drinks to add to the work party, another checking in with  me on something
he wanted to make sure i was doin' okay with...
thousands of reasons it was great.

but the one that i've really been thinking about today is their attitudes.
it was a long day for them. and it was their sunday.
one had a car he really wanted to work on, you know they all had
things to do. the project took longer than they thought, and i'm thinking
they were here later than they had planned.

and thru the entire day they were nothing but cheerful, pleasant,
thoughtful, attentive, thorough on getting the job done and not leaving a mess.
they could not have been nicer to be with.

i've been thinking about that a lot.
how that in itself is such a huge huge gift.
and how without that, the other gifts can get kinda muddied.

something we remind each other about a lot around here is that
'presentation is everything.'

well, i'm thinking today that attitude is everything.
and maybe yeah, they're kinda the same. or kissin' cousins or something.
cause attitude colors everything.

and yeah, i guess they really are the same kinda thing.
how you present yourself, how you present what you're doing -
it's all part of what you're offering.

and it makes such a difference.

note to self -

you know those times you don't really want to do something,
or you wish something was over already, or you'll do something
because you really should or have to? well.....i'm thinking don't even
bother if you can't offer a great attitude with it! cause, truly, that
colors the whole darn thing. remember the gift you were given here
and pay it forward over and over again......

and speaking of attitude - here's my chair! -


Diane in AR said...

LOVE the chair and totally agree - attitude IS everything - trying here to always keep a gratitude attitude!! Thanks ter!

Camille Olivia said...

AWESOME! All the way around. Hugs to all of ya, Ter. Hugs 'n smooches!

terri st. cloud said...

thanks you guys! both of you are champs at this anyway! good to see you, cams! :)

margy said...

Aren't those grown sons a wonderful gift?! - mine came over Sunday and cooked me lunch and stayed and visited - how I love him! Thanks for the attitude when doing and giving reminder - and love the chair!

terri st. cloud said...

happy mother's day, margy! yay for awesome sons!