Friday, May 9, 2014

mother's day weekend

it's mother's day weekend! so i was thinking i'd post a mother's day blog
as i'll be out and about goofin' on the actual day.

and as i thought about what i'd like to say, i realized i had already said it.
so instead of huffin' and puffin' and tryin' to do it again - i'd like to share
these two bone sighs with you......


no one ever told her about this thing called 'mothering.'
maybe because it was a journey of discovery -
her greatest work of art -
her biggest lesson in letting go..
where she'd learn to nurture a 'self' to shine bright
and find her own self in the process.
no one can tell you that.
you have to live it to know it.
and when you do,
it changes you forever.'


'there is much to learn about mothering, she said -
you will need to give beyond your limits,
yet not give yourself away.
you will need to soothe and calm
even when the peace eludes you.
you will be required to believe
without any doubts
when others shake their heads and sigh.
to trust your instincts,
and follow your heart,
digging into the depths that you never even knew were there.
you will need to give your all,
and then let go.
encouraging their growth,
cheering their flight,
all the while watching pieces of yourself fly away.
and when it's over,
your job turns to you.
and offering all that you've learned to yourself.
it will be time to mother you.

i realize not everyone can become a biological mom.
i also think we're all moms in many different ways.
when we give of ourselves and nurture another, we are mothering.
fathers mother as much as mom's do.
aunts mother, sisters mother, friends mother, people mother.
and it all should be honored this holiday!

feeling grateful for it all.......
happy mother's day weekend!


Diane in AR said...

Happy Mother's Day to all who mother and a special wish for you Terri. . .hugs

Vicky Lee said...

Another lovely post. I am not yet a mother, but I can see my mom in both of your poems above.

I'm so glad I found your blog. Made my way here through Brene Brown's blog. Happy Mother's Day to you!