Monday, May 5, 2014

one of those cool circles...

because of something that happened to me recently,
i had this thought -

the more we grow, the more room we have to learn about someone else.

that's a pretty cool thought.

and it excites me.

for lotsa reasons.

for one - what a great benefit of inner growth! 
and for another - how wonderful to think that because your growing is unlimited, 
so is your learning about others.
heck, so is your just plain learning.

cause my gosh, when we think we know a person,
we're really missin' a ton.

think about it too.......
think about some of the things you just assume you know.
or you assume you understand.
look at those assumptions, those judgments, those quick conclusions that there's 
not much to know about in certain areas, or that we already know all there is to know.
or maybe we don't really want to poke into any deeper because we're not sure we'll 
like what we'll find.

i'm thinking all of that shows how much more we have to grow
and how much more we have to learn. it's in those areas that we need to
stop and take a look.

and i'm thinking that spending the rest of my lifetime getting to know
people i love better.......really learning about a pretty
awesome thing to spend my life doin'. and i can't do it unless i really learn
to know me better.

sometimes life is made up of the coolest circles!


diane in ar said...

love the circles - ever growing and expanding and filling with what we learn. . .wonderful! (glad you're in my circle and blessed I'm in yours)

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, ms. diane! toastin' our circles! :)