Tuesday, May 6, 2014

new bins for my world

they are not kidding about it being about the little things, are they?!

sometimes it really really is!

i saw a blue trashcan the other day at lowes.
it was a nice low price and a real pretty color.
i mean, pretty tempting, huh?!

but even a low priced trashcan has to get some thought around here
before being purchased. so i went home and thought about it.

i kept thinking about how my old trashcans have lasted a million and a half years
and how they honestly remind me of my 'past life.' for some reason i can't
use them without having the past float by me. no kidding. that's a lotta days
a whiff of the past comes thru.

and ya know, i'm really good with not getting those whiffs anymore.

and so the more i thought about it, the more i knew i wanted not just one
brand new trashcan! but TWO! i wanted to get rid of the past stuff and those
old cans (and yeah, i'm gonna recycle them so as not to be wasteful) and i wanted
MY VERY OWN trashcans that symbolized my very own life here.

i had really tried to make an effort to do that thru out my house -
to make it mine, to get rid of things from a life i no longer lived, and just have
the place mine.

and yet.......i missed the trashcans.
and  i knew this thing with the old trashcans, but never did anything about it.
it's another example to me of just accepting stuff that doesn't feel good.
instead of changing things! when changing is so easy!!

and as i thought about all this, the trashcans became more and more exciting!!
i actually purchased one, not wanting to be too indulgent, and then threw
caution to the wind, and went back and got a second one! there was great glee
in getting these. i honestly felt better just in deciding to get them!

i painted hearts on them to finish off the job and used them for the first time today.
when i heard the guys pickin' up the trash this morning, i ran outside to see what
they thought of my new bins! i was too late, tho i did get to wave to them. and,
i'm not kidding - i really think their waves were extra friendly~!  and that made
me smile! i think they love them too! but honestly, how could you not?!

here's to the little things and to all the ways we get to make our lives our own!


margy said...

I totally get it and have done it myself in my new place (but not as beautifully as those hearts)! Have a great day!

terri st. cloud said...

yay for this kinda stuff, margy!
so glad you do it too!