Wednesday, May 28, 2014

singing and thinking and singing some more...

alright, i admit it.
sometimes i get a little obsessive.

and i've gotten a bit obsessive about a song i just heard.

it's called Everything is Music
and it's sung by bob sima.
or at least, that's who i heard at first.
i believe kris delmhorst is the original birther of the piece.

it's bits of rumi quotes in a song.

i keep listening to it.
it somehow over and over again puts life in perspective for me.
it's like a prayer that's being sung TO me and reminding me that i AM a prayer...

i love it.

and it's got me thinking -
the whole 'everything is music' concept....

i can't say what rumi meant by that, or what bob means by it  or what kris means by it -
but i can say how it's got me thinking about EVERYTHING being music -
even the really hard stuff.

even the really REALLY  hard stuff.

even the stuff i don't want to be there.


and i'm wondering if i can take that concept into the situations
that are hard and icky and remember that. and know it. and live it.

'everything is music.'
'let it play.'


Diane in AR said...

smiling with you - what a great analogy and comparison and personification - got me thinking (you do that a lot). . .so is the stuff we don't like noisybadloud music? Is our goal to make better music in and with our lives? What I like best is that 'THIS' kind of music - living music . . .is something one doesn't have to be musically talented to do. . .smiling. . .

terri st. cloud said...

'living' music, diane! we all get to sing along! i love that! :)

Anonymous said...

Rose, My grandfather used to tell me that God sang the Universe into creation. I have always loved the concept that we were all sung into being. Considering how much music fills our world, it should be reverence and prayer...

terri st. cloud said...

god sang the universe into creation......what a gorgeous thought! your grandpop was a pretty nifty guy, wasn't he? singing a little prayer for us all this morning! :)