Monday, June 2, 2014

just thinking

i've been thinking about being healthy - not just in body,
but in mind and spirit.

and i noticed something.

a no brainer for sure.

but i noticed it and have been nodding at the thought as if i had never
thought of it before -

it can't be just about how healthy WE are -
it has to be about how healthy everyone in the relationship is.

i know it's not a new thought.
but i think the angle is different for me,
and it's making an impression.

i watched myself in dealing with something difficult with a healthy person,
and then again with a not so healthy person. and i not only saw completely
different results, i could feel how one made me soar, and the other made
me cringe. i could see how one made me try harder, the other made me
want to retreat.

i think the side by side thing made an impact.
made me see -
yeah, terri, you have to work on being healthy as you can,
don't ever stop -
but add something really important to that -
fill your life with healthy people -
and with that combination, you'll soar.........


Diane in AR said...

I love today's blog - just when I needed to dropkick myself back into healthy habits you come along with help, support and yeah, a kick too. . .in the best sense of the world - lol - and I love the way you combine healthy living, healthy body with filling our lives with healthy people - we can't help but fly. . .

terri st. cloud said...

dropkicking myself right back wtih ya, woman! :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to be healthy in body...

Lida Erasmus said...

I don't read every single time you post but when you share something that I need to hear my eyes can't help but follow along. The story does not always apply but the essence of it does. <3