Tuesday, June 3, 2014

safe places....

i always want to 'see' things -
thinking that's so important.

so when i sat here with myself at lunch,
i had to shake my head.

i was seeing what was goin' on with me just fine.
in fact, it's taken me a lotta years and a ton of work
to get where i could see what i saw really easily today.

so there i sat thinking 'great terri. you got your seeing. now what?
what the heck do you do with it?!'

i had been floundering all day.
the seeing didn't seem to be helping much.

i meandered a while thinking maybe seeing wasn't all that it was cracked up to be.

until i got to this thought -

well, ter, what do you do when you see something going on with someone else?

well....i answered -

i try to understand what i see.
try to see why it's happening right then.
i let them be, don't try to change it.
and at the same time, i try to create space so they know it's safe.

i am absolutely convinced that those safe places are where transformation takes place.



now what the heck do i do with that?
somehow i try to create a safe place for myself.

i thought i had been doin' that.

but you know what? i think there's a difference between a 'protective' place
and a 'safe' place. not exactly clear on the difference. but can feel there is one.

and i've been doin' the protective deal.
while i think that's okay, i think i've been missing something.

i'm not sure the protective stuff creates space.
and space is equally as important a word in the phrase as safe is.

a safe space.

for myself.

created by myself.

already i'm liking this.


Diane in AR said...

You are exceptional at helping others (me for sure) know I had a safe space. . .it was what I needed to really look at what was going on and to decide how to move forward. . .and now, thanks to you, I can create my safe space when I need it. . .keep on thinking ter. . .and talking - love the results!!

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, diane! :)