Wednesday, June 4, 2014

beautiful women i had to share......

i did therapy as i mowed the lawn today.
feel much better than i did yesterday,
comin' up with some helpful thoughts on things i struggle with,
realizing that allowing myself to feel lousy about something really helps me move thru it,
i think there's magic in that 'permission.'
AND being inspired by beautiful women around me.

there are two that are on my mind right now, that i'm just kinda holding and treasuring,
and i wanted to share them here.

diane is our 'spotlight' over on the bone sigh arts website this month.

it's a joy in itself just to share her, but an extra layer of delicious topping came
when i told my sons we'd be featuring her. each one of them gave their hearty
approval. and that just totally tickled me that they each new her.
and they know her because of her thoughtfulness and caring she's shown each
of them!
and then when i shared the link on facebook, so many people were delighted
to have her spotlighted. 

i think that says a lot. 
she doesn't have a business that we know her thru,
she's not known because of some link to some thing she's doing -
she's known because she's so supportive, caring and loving.
to everyone.

talk about an awesome way to be known!
her heart inspires me over and over again.

and then there's beth -

we've traded emails here and there for a few years,
recently she gifted me with her new book she created.
i really liked her thru the emails,
but totally fell in love with her thru her book.
and then! she just sent me this link to her talking about her book.
her quiet, modest, kind and loving presence is just something i adore.
when i got to see it on the vid, i just melted.
how can you not love this woman?!

ladies, without even knowing it, who you are helped me out so much today -
and so many days.
thanks for being in my life!


Diane in AR said...

speechless. . .again - the feeling is mutual my friend - you're a blessing in my life. . .every day!!!

terri st. cloud said...

absolutely my pleasure, diane! :)