Thursday, June 26, 2014

the stuff of life......

it was as if we hadn't seen each other in a week.
when the truth is, we've actually seen each other more than we usually do.
so truly it shoulda been kinda low key, same 'ol kinda stuff.
but there we were, gathered to grab some lunch,
a quick break before we all went back to our stuff,
and the laughter and the chatter and the trying to plan, and the interrupting
of each other, and the half finished sentences that eventually got picked up
and finished again, the stories that got sidetracked and subject changed but
found their ways back into the conversation, and those that got lost and
dropped and will get picked up another day, the joking, the kidding, the teasing,
the sharing, the listening, the being - were so full of a magnificent energy,
that when i went back to work i had a smile that felt alive inside of me.

i am not sure what the combination is that creates these moments.
sometimes energies align right, and life happenings automatically lift our spirits.

and.......what we bring to the table matters.

what we each bring makes a difference.

i know that i had a big part of the mood today just as everyone in that room did.

i know that we all brought a part of the magic, mixed the pieces together, and got gold today.

and sitting here thinking about it, i'm reminded -

what we bring to our moments is up to us.
it matters.
we have the power to create great great things.

i want to step into that awareness more,
offer more of my laughter and my love,
and know that living these moments with that awareness creates the stuff of life.

that is so darn awesome when you think about it.
and so much easier said than done.
so many weird things get in my way.
but i can see what i want.
and i'll just keep tryin'....
and i'll keep on offering....

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Diane in AR said...

SMILES !! It is awesome and it is easy (once we think about it) to bring such positive-ness to together times. . .and look, your positive and happy and love-filled self was contagious and explosive as it mixed with everyone elses. . .your stuff of live was truly golden!