Monday, July 7, 2014

a few website things...

there's a couple of things over on the website i wanted to point out.

on the home page is a brief write up of how the print 'her white tree' came to be.
i feel like it's a great reminder to anyone feeling a bit discouraged -
if you feel like it, come on by and check it out.

and then!
every month we 'spotlight' someone wonderful.
and this month we have les.
les is someone i know mostly thru facebook.
he reminds me of the magic of the internet.
he's definitely someone i'd like to share.
so come on by and check out les as well!

1 comment:

diane in ar said...

Love that you spotlighted Les - his witty and funny posts on your posts always crack me up. . .and I bought two of his CDs and am enjoying the listening. . .thanks Ter.