Tuesday, July 15, 2014

a grand idea......

i had a grand idea last week.
and the more i think about it, the more i like it.

anyone who has kids - no matter what age - knows that they know a whole lotta
stuff that you don't! they're just operating in a different planet or something.
i have the advantage of having three sons - so just the fact that they're male means
they bring a lot of things to me i never thought about. then the fact that they're
young entrepreneurs adds all kindsa extra things. throw in the music i never heard of,
the people i've never heard of, the ideas i've never thought of - and there's a whole
whole whole lot for me to learn.

i was thinking the other day of all the things i've learned from my sons and my guy.
they have taught me a ton. an absolute ton. and they have made my life so much richer.

and as i thought of this, i realized every single person i know/meet can do this as well.

so, while i think i would bog myself down a bit if i tried this on everyone -
i think i want to try this a lot -

trying to learn something or find out about something i don't know of from others.
even if it's just their latest favorite song! or food. or what's resonating with them
right then. and then go and listen or taste or think about whatever it is that they shared.

can you imagine how much this would add to our worlds?!

i thought of the day when i have grandkids. (ohmygosh)
and how they'd know a whole different world.
and how i could tell them every time they come over i want to hear about what
is the latest going on that i didn't know about.

how COOL would that be?!

there is SO much out there. and there is so much i haven't even heard of.
what a wonderful way to learn - from those i meet and those i know.......

thinking this could be a lotta fun........

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