Friday, July 11, 2014

a nugget.....

this isn't my thought.
i read it in a book.
just got up to find the book -
and i can't find it anywhere.

almost positive i got it from the book called 'the language of emotions' by karla mclaren.

it's a thought i've now said out loud enough and used enough that i figure
i should share here.

it's basic.
it's one of those where you kinda nod and wonder why you haven't really
thought of that before -

it's this -

your emotions are tryin' to tell you something.

okay. maybe you've had that thought before.
but the way she said it (which i couldn't tell you now as i can't find the book)
really grabbed me in a new way.

and since reading that i've stopped and listened to my feelings more than i would have before.

i was just talking to someone who was blue about something goin' on with her
relationship. i told her about this thought and asked 'can you see what it is your
feelings are tyring to get you to notice?'

this thought seemed to help her too.

i think i get caught up in the feeling, or wanting to get out of the feeling,
or allowing myself the feeling - that kinda thing.

but asking myself  'what is the feeling trying to tell me? is it asking me to notice something?
change something? what?' has been completely new for me.

and i like it.
it's not only helpful and eye opening,
it's validating and accepting of yourself.
it's trusting your emotions - not wishing they'd go away.
it's respecting them and stopping and asking them what they want you to know.

it's an entirely respectful way to treat yourself -
and at the same time, it helps you deal with whatever's goin' on.

pretty awesome, huh?
figured i should share that gem.
thanking the author for touchin' my life in this way!

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Diane in AR said...

I like this - I needed to hear this. . .my emotions are trying to tell me something? Who knew? I'm going to start listening for sure, listening and learning and growing. . .thank YOU for sharing...