Friday, July 18, 2014


as i was filling an order, i  looked up at an art piece i had made -
and i read the quote  on it -

'he asks nothing from her.
has no expectations of her.
humbly handing her wisdom masked in his questions
he allows her growth -
and she grows.'

i smiled.
i wrote that about my fiance before we even started dating.
it's been years and years and years....
and it still holds true.

i thought about how lucky i was.
we have something really special.

my mind wandered and i started thinking of one of my sons.
he's headin' outta town today, and i was thinking of him on his trip.

i pictured how he is when he's out and about.
he's truly an amazing guy.
and the more i thought about it, the more i thought about how lucky
the world was to have him in it.

i stood there smiling.

i've got some incredible men in my life.

i thought about all the work that's been involved in making these
relationships what they are.

and lots.

i had just watched a TED talk where the guy was asking a buncha questions
to see if you were human. it's kinda a cool questionnaire where he takes
stupid funny questions and mixes them with things that touch you.

one of the questions was if you ever thought that working on an issue between you
and someone else was futile cause it should just be easier than this or this
is supposed to happen just naturally?

oh gosh, yes, huh?

the next question was 'have you ever realized very little in life happens just naturally?'

that really hit home.

so i stood there thinking of my guys, thinking of our journeys, and feelin' way way lucky......
and yeah, like we've worked our tails off for something way way good.

it's a good way to head into the weekend -

click here for the ted talk


Diane in AR said...

You DO have some incredible men in your life - looking forward to someday meeting the three I haven't met in person. And oh YES, it is work to make relationships what they are - but usually worth the work, right? I enjoyed reading the ted talk questions too - happy weekend LUCKY !!!

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, diane! can't wait for you all to meet too! :)