Tuesday, July 29, 2014

to assume or not to assume.....

i just had a visual of one of me taking another me and tossing me to the ground -
'STOP ASSUMING!' the one with the foot on my gut is growling.

i'm laughing here as sometimes it really does feel like a darn wrestling match.
that visual just came so easily as i assumed for the millionth time today.

over and over i assume.

i had decided i wanted to just plain ol' stop that.
and then i had a conversation with one of my wise sons.
he pointed out how that's kinda how we work,
but the trick isn't really not to do it - the trick is to do it knowing that you
could very well be wrong and will have to change the assumption.

ohhhhhhh i liked that.

and i agree.
and yet, i think there's also a lot of over-assuming that i do that i don't need to do.
and it only gets in the way.

and i can see it all around me -
i'm not the only one overdoing it on the assumptions.

so i want to try to do both -
stop assuming so darn much.
and try to keep it to a minimum and keep in mind that it's really
what these things are - assumptions - and they're subject to change.

wow how i wish we had a world wide don't assume day.
i think it would change everything.

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Diane in AR said...

I agree - we need a DON"T ASSUME DAY !!!! For everyone, myself included - find out the facts first. . .then move on it. . . Good point ter!!