Monday, July 28, 2014

a tidbit from my weekend.....

as part of my 'grab some time just for myself' thing this weekend,
(see post below)
i curled in with some books and just did some reading.

i'm a big big fan of the enneagram.
i'm also really picky about which books to read on this subject.
the authors riso and hudson are the ones i really enjoy.

so i started another one of theirs called 'understanding the enneagram.'
to go along with the one called 'personality types' that i adore.

this one's got a section called 'personality, essence and spirituality' which
totally thrills me as it takes the personality stuff to the next level.

i read this and just held it for a bit -

'We do not move beyond human nature but beyond our delusions about ourselves
and about reality. Living in Essence becomes a matter of seeing through our ego and,
in so doing, of discovering and maturing our truest self. The search for Essence is not
an escape from life but the reverse: a commitment on our most profound level of
consciousness to participate in our own creation.'

i just love this.

and honestly, just the first sentence about moving beyond our delusions -
that in itself makes me gasp.

when i read stuff like this i get really excited.
i feel like they understand what i want to do and are helping me figure it out.
they're guiding me and encouraging me.
that is such a good good feeling.

somewhere in there they mentioned that there's no finish line,
that the deeper we go, the deeper we go.

i like that too.

it's a cool little tidbit to take into a new week.....

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Diane in AR said...

Got a copy - just waiting for it to arrive - love the quote - love the quote about moving beyond our delusions about ourselves - move right into reality and honesty. . . You're right - great way to start the new week!