Friday, July 25, 2014

hoppin' in

funny how silly fun things can turn into such helpful things.

years ago i had started 'mustache mondays' on facebook as a fun way
to start the week. pop a mustache on your profile picture and start
the week off with a smile.

wayyyyy too many mustaches later i recently changed mustache monday
to 'gratitude is magic' monday. i post a picture of something i'm grateful
for as my profile picture every monday.  people can hop on in and shout
out about things they're grateful for. it's a good start to the week.

well, little did i know when i started doing this that it would lead me
into keeping my eyes extra open for things i'm grateful for!
'what will i take a picture of for monday?' i wonder and i watch and look for just the right thing.

who knew that instead of it just being a quick post on monday,
it helps me look for the gratitude every day!
and it inspires me so much to see what other people are grateful for!

then a few weeks back, a friend of mine and i were having quiet weekends.
we suggested that we each make some time over our weekends just for ourselves.
time to do something nurturing or gentle, or just what we need at the moment.
and then we were to report back on monday to each other.

it's the reporting back that's the ticket.
it helps you keep it in mind and actually do it!
we enjoyed it so much the first week, we've invited others to join in.
i just posted about it on the bone sigh arts facebook page.
and the fun part of this is you get good ideas from what other people are doing!

both of these are monday games.
both a great way to start the week.
both were just something i randomly hopped into.
both are something that are affecting me more than i had figured.

so i sit here and wonder -
how many things that we randomly hop into affect us more than we figured on -
in good ways and bad - and how much are we paying attention to what we're
hopping in on?

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Diane in AR said...

Mustache Mondays were fun - but Gratitude is Magic - is awesome. Love that and love the making time for ourselves on the weekend to - good things to hop into - hopping with you!!