Thursday, July 24, 2014


objectifying women.
objectifying men.
objectifying the 'other.'

all topics that have come flying into my face over the last few days.

i turned on the news for a few short minutes as i ran up to the grocery store today.
i slumped in my seat before i got outta the car.
wished i hadn't turned it on.

seen articles, seen vids, and had conversations i wish i hadn't lately.

a few thoughts whisper out at me tho -

see, terri.
look, see and know what's there.
try to look beyond the ugliness and look for understanding.
try to get beyond your emotions and see the big picture.

that's an unusual way for me to work.
something i'm just starting to learn.
something one of my sons excels at.

i sat and talked with him about it last nite.
how his voice is in my head a lot and i'm trying to look at things broader like he does.
trying to get out of myself more and understand more.

it doesn't come easy for me.
it doesn't come natural.

and i feel like it's so hard right now it's exhausting.

but i think it's so darn necessary for me.

the world won't change until we do.
i wonder how often we really understand that.

off to mow and mow and mow and think about all this......

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Diane in AR said...

You're right - the world won't change unless we do. . .how we look at it, what we do about it all. . .exhausting, but so necessary. . .so glad you're out doing mowing meditation - I know that helps. . .