Wednesday, July 23, 2014


i was waiting for my small business counselor to arrive for our meeting.
i had brought a book.
it's one of my all time favorite books - 'personality types'
if you haven't heard of the enneagram, you might be interested.

the idea is we all have certain personalities that can be divided up into numbers.
there's subsets in the numbers and that kinda thing -
and i think the idea is that you grow strong in one of these personality types,
and then you integrate to another number.

i'm not exactly sure about the whole integrating part, cause i always found myself
under one number and never got to any changing - i was always described pretty
darn accurately right there.

it covers the whole range from unhealthy to really healthy of each personality.
it covers where you go when you're under stress....that kinda thing.

i love this book and pull it out sometimes when i'm trying to understand myself or someone else.
i had it out recently,i had been trying to understand someone else, had finished reading the part
i wanted, and hadn't put it away yet. so i grabbed it on my way out the door.

so there we were.
me and the book.

so i browsed to my personality and got curious about the part where you start changing
to the next number.

certainly not the first time i've ever looked at that part.
but absolutely the first time it sounded familiar!
i understood what they were talking about and i knew that i had stepped foot into it!

now, again, because my personality darts all over the book, i have not sat still long
enough to know about the changing from one number to another. i'm assuming the change
takes years to complete.

but i tell ya, when i started reading that part and understood it for the first time,
i got so darn excited!

i want to grow and change and learn and grow and change and learn and grow and change....

and somehow bumping into that today was like hearing a little whisper in my ear -
'keep goin' girl - keep goin' - you're doin' it!'

i haven't stopped smiling about it since!

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Diane in AR said...

Great blog today and thanks for explaining that book more - will look for it (ebay, my place to go - lol). . .anything that can help growth and learning, I all for. .. thanks Ter. . .