Friday, August 15, 2014

an incredible man

while driving home last nite, i heard the most amazing man on the radio.
as i drove down the highway, i had tears in my eyes listening to him.
i pulled into my driveway and just sat there and listened.
it's about 8 minutes long.
and i wanted to share it here.

it's a reverend from ferguson.

and it was in his words that i could feel the understanding i needed come to life.

since then, i saw in the news there was a peaceful turn.
the police walked with the protesters.
i could feel my body respond to that news.
and i wondered if we were going to be able to find some gold mixed in this tragedy.

i'm still holding my breath as they just announced the name of the police officer
who did the shooting. i'm still afraid we won't rise above the violence.
and i'm still praying.

but this guy......this reverend......he touched my life yesterday.
and i think i will always carry him in my heart now.

so, of course, i had to share him......
you can find him here. the audio is at the top of the page.
the photo that started the talk is just below.

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