Thursday, August 14, 2014

the people around me....

and you thought we were done with that series.
remember it?
i asked the people around me questions about something they knew about.
something they had lived and could share.
so much wisdom out there, i wanted to share the wealth.
i was posting one a week until my friends got silent.

i had asked mary to write a post on depression.
she agreed, but it just wasn't happening for her.
until.......this week.

seems it's jolted a lot of us into talking about the subject.
her thoughts came pouring out and she posted on her blog and offered
it for my blog as well.

i thought it'd be best to just link it. then you can go browse mary's blog as well.

so i'm directing you over there for mary's thought on depression -
you can find her here.

thank you, mary, for sharing part of your journey and your heart with us....


Diane in AR said...

Wow, what an awesome blog - touched my heart and soul. .. I thank Mary for writing it and you for sharing it. . .

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, diane!

Merry ME said...

Thanks Ter.

Anonymous said...

well, I went in Reverse.. as I read merry's blog before coming to peek in here.. It's a good thing my socks fit over my shoes.. :)