Wednesday, August 13, 2014

gonna try....

i can't really say i'm surprised.
with what i do, i feel kind of connected to the 'mental health' side of america.
every day i find myself talking with people about topics that are far too often
held in silence.

i know there's a need - a hunger - to have these topics brought out to the light,
talked about openly and informatively - for people to know they're not alone.

i know that.

and yet, i'm still a bit taken aback by the absolute flood of responses about
suicide and depression that i've seen in this short time since robin williams passed.

this has utterly and totally convinced me that our silence has been too great for far too long.

i'm not sure what i personally can do about that.

i feel like i'm open to talking about this stuff with whoever wants to talk about it.
but this has me thinking.

maybe every single one of us has to take a few more steps into being more
deeply committed to making space for these topics.

i'm not exactly sure what that means.
but i do know, when i pay attention with something like this in mind,
opportunities show up, and i find places i can offer understanding and compassion.

when someone passes and it affects me - there's always a part of me that reacts
by wanting to do something. to offer something in their honor.

wouldn't it be absolutely wonderful to keep robin's passing in mind and heart
every single time you try to open the door just a wee bit wider to the topics
that scare us?

i'm thinking i want to try...

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