Monday, August 18, 2014

going a little deeper....

there's a rumi quote i have loved for years -

'let the beauty of what you love be what you do.'

i have always been struck by this.
but i don't think i went deeper than the surface when thinking about it.

i would mostly think of my work.
and kinda 'apply' it to that part of my life.
maybe bein' with my kids too.

it just seemed like a really pretty thought that i liked to imagine i was doing
a lot of in my life.

but this past week, that line has been echoing inside of me in a new deeper way.

i have been thinking of the ways i can apply it in my life when i'm feeling
unsettled about something or feeling less than satisfied.

in those cases, it's so easy to focus on my needs that i don't think are being filled,
or my fears that are causing self doubt or some kinda inner turmoil.

so in trying to think of a completely made up easy example that gets the point across -
i came up with this....
let's say you're standing in line at some store and you're feelin' grouchy about the line
or the people in it or whatever - it's all making you grouchy for some reason.

so you're feelin' grouchy and annoyed.
and then what if you think of that quote?
and decide to be it.
to live it.
be the beauty of what you love.

well, that would certainly change everything, wouldn't it?

that's what i mean.

taking that thought, turning it way inward and applying it in those moments
that are lacking something for you.

maybe what they're lacking is our own adding of that beauty.

i've been liking this,
playing with it,
and watching it work.

i stumble plenty.
even with it flat out right in front of my mind,
even with me quoting it to myself as i'm trying.
a doubt or fear will come in equally as loud.
but even so....even with the wavering......i keep goin' back
and focusing on that idea.

and i love it.

if only i could make this a life time habit!


Diane in AR said...

I love your take on this Rumi quote ter. . .it will be a great thing to make a habit of it. . .gonna try, gonna do it!!

Happy week!

terri st. cloud said...

we can egg each other on, diane! :)

Diane in AR said...

Let's do it!!!

Stacy Williams said...

Thank you for sharing. It makes me dig a bit deeper.