Tuesday, August 19, 2014

a birthday thought from years ago....

i thought it was my god-daughter's birthday today.
so, now i'm not so sure.
how's that for a lame godmother?!
but i'm pretty sure it is.

she'll be 18.
on her 13th birthday, her mom had a special gathering for her,
and i made her a bone sigh.

i tried to think of what it was i believed and what i would want to pass on to someone.

and i came up with this.
thought it would be a good day to post it -

'there's something inside of you,' she said.
'a flame.
a gorgeous flame of light.
every action you take affects the flame.
some actions make it shine brighter.
some make it flicker and dim.
and some grow it and make it bigger inside.
every moment counts to this flame.
every action matters.'
she held her face to the girl's and whispered,
'dance with honesty and trust thru your journey
and you will grow your flame.
grow your flame,
and you will ignite the world.'

(you can find it here...)

along the way i have figured out that 'honesty' and 'trust' are two
concepts that can take an entire lifetime to understand.
but i figured that was for later birthdays....i still had some figuring out to do.


Diane in AR said...

What a sweet gift for Keely - then and now. . .and honesty and trust definitely take a lifetime to understand. . .every year, always. . .precious bone sigh !!

Anonymous said...

honesty and trust.. and how have there meanings changed for you rosie?