Friday, August 1, 2014

the planetary jam session!

and it begins!

we drop josh (my oldest son) off at the train station today -
he's off to start 'a planetary jam session'!!!

here's a little snippet he wrote about it -

All aboard The Planetary Jam Session! It's been said that if you change a perception of the world, you change the world. So, let's go use the power of music to bring some unity! Let's go start a worldwide jam session, and make a music video with the planet!

and here's the places you can find some information -

the #JURT - a planetary jam session and tour (facebook page)

and the JURT page on his website 

i gotta admit, i've never even used the video part of my phone!
i'm truly one of those tech challenged people that is lucky i can get a text out with it -
but!! i want to support this idea for sure! so i'm gonna grab a broom and pretend
it's my guitar - or maybe i'll use the vacuum! and i'll jam along with the planet and 
put it on vid. or maybe i'll just wave. but i'll do something and send it on it.
because i love the idea of adding a little fun and caring to the world right now.

sometimes i read the news and just get filled with helplessness -
feeling there's absolutely nothing i can do but watch.

today i remember that's not true.
i can hop in when someone's trying to add a little love to the world,
and i can add a piece of my heart.

thanking josh for a chance to do that.
and wishing him a great time as he begins the first leg of the Planetary Jam Session!

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diane in ar said...

Go Josh !! he's an awesome young man Ter. . .as are Noah and Zakk !!

He's in the land of my birth (Brooklyn). . .lol - hope he has an awesome time spreading JoshJOY !!!