Tuesday, September 2, 2014

a gift to ourselves.....

looking thru an old journal of mine this morning,
i found a part where i was pondering on giving ourselves the gift of our full presence.

i think often of trying to give that to those i love in my life,
and i find that a challenge.
but one that's on my mind a lot.
and one i can do when i'm being aware.

but turn that idea to myself,
and i find that keeping that in mind just keeps slipping thru my fingers.
so i don't even get to the part of scolding myself for not doing it,
because i don't even remember it!

but i read it today and i remembered.
and i want to do that with myself this week.
that means i have to remember this more than an hour.......
so i've written myself a note.

i thought about the things i love today,
things i love to do, things that make me smile and tingle
and make me feel glad to have my life.

i want to snuggle in and grab those.
turn off some outside noise
and just be with myself.
with my full presence.

and like, maybe get the hang of this so it can become a habit?

one can try......

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