Monday, September 1, 2014

labor day

happy labor day!

and do you know what the story is with labor day?
i just figured we were celebrating workers.
i didn't realize it went back to the history of the unions.
so thought i'd share a link that tells ya about our holiday today.

in thinking about where we've been, and how we are now,
i wonder where it's all gonna lead.....

how often do we remember to buy locally, or just made in america?
how often do we pay attention to sweatshop free?
and when we do pay attention to sweatshop free, do we realize there's more?
one of the big clothing companies that proudly announces
made in america/sweatshop free also prohibits unions for its employees.
is that something we should care about?
i think so.

ahhhhh so many angles to it all.

it's our thinking about it,our choices, our paying attention that is our power.

great day to pop that in our minds.

here's a little blip on labor day.

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