Friday, August 29, 2014

a visual, a photo and a reminder

it was just one of those weird moments -
i had a visual of this opening inside of me.
this opening that led way down deep into the place where my sky lives.
where the stars shine with the glory of the soul.
where the beauty of who you really are and the vastness of the love that's beyond us meet.

it was one of those moments where i could see more than i normally can see.

then days later, i decided to play with my camera.
i walked outta my house, saw something i wanted to take a shot of.
had the camera in one hand, recycling in the other.

had to put the recycling in the bin.
then, oh yeah, i needed to put the bin out by the street.
and by then i was in the front of the house.
there were so many things waiting to have their picture taken.

but no, i wanted to take that one shot first.
the one i first noticed as i walked out my back door.
before i got distracted with other things.
this is very unlike me.
i'm pretty haphazard when i'm playing.
but not this time.

went back around the house.
took that shot,
then wandered around taking a few more.
then got interrupted.

wasn't til the next day i put the photos up on my computer screen.
and when i did, i gasped.

the very first one that i had insisted on going back for -
it was what i had visualized a few days before!

i didn't enhance it in any was just there.
and i kinda sat there just staring at it.
and i smiled.
cause it's a picture of a tree -
where the tree got cut.
it made me think of my white tree poem.
and it made me remember.

deep inside us all is a vastness filled with stars.
some days we really need to go back and remember that.

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Diane in AR said...

awesome blog - beautiful picture - obviously meant to be taken - love when everything pulls together - the picture, the poem, the heart feeling full. . .with joy and gratitude. . .what a blessing - thank you for sharing all that with us.