Thursday, August 28, 2014

the best chocolate cake EVER...

i love to play.
i tease that in my next life i want to come back as an otter.
and when people join in with me or around me,
it just makes me happy.

recently, there's been a lot more playin' on my facebook page.
silly stuff.
stuff that you wouldn't think would matter.

but what just happened was so priceless in so many ways,
i have to share the story. it really does matter.

i wonder if they'll mind if i use their names???
too bad.
it has to be done!
but then if i change names that will totally confuse them and making everything more fun!

that settles it.
names will be changed.
until the VERY end!

i started out by teasing lou about the power of suggestion
and blaming him for my lawn mowing that day.
lawn mowing is a theme with me.
lou hops in bringing up chocolate cake.
good food is a theme with all of us.
lou is a darn tease and knows that's gonna tempt me big time.
turns out he's not just making me drool, but sally is drooling as well!
sally apparently is having one of those days and feels like a dragon,
but the cake idea is cooling her fire.
sally and lou chat and goof a bit and then doris pops in just laughing
and enjoying it all.
because it's just darn fun.
i have gone off in search of frozen bananas....
i want to make banana pudding, but get sidetracked with blueberries
and come back to see much banter goin' on and lou baiting me by
announcing he used to date one of my best friends.
you know this brings me back into it all.
well, lou was having a weird moment and was thinking of someone else,
my banana pudding was melting only for me to find out lou was
delirious and didn't date any of my friends ever.
this prompts more bantering.
 alice pops in reading all this and laughing.
there are more cake mentions. i suggest we put rocks in lou's cake as
he's a darn pill.
alice now posts delicious looking cake photos on my wall,
and on and on we go.
there's talk of music as lou is a musician and he mentions where he's playing
that weekend.
sally is feelin' like a tamer dragon,
alice has come out to play these days and it's nice to have her.
doris is eggin' us on and enjoyin' it all.
and there's general laughing goin' on between us all.

the next day cake comes up again.
this time louise brings up a memory of a really atrocious looking cake i made once.
more laughter and bantering and more chocolate cake with rock references.

it's just simple good natured fun.

and THEN lou comes back  days later to tell us that SOMEONE had
a chocolate cake with his name on it brought to his table when he was doin' his gig.
the waiter mentioned to 'be careful of the rocks inside.'


it went from facebook to real life.
and lou had no idea who did it.
(and i have to point out....that lou and i have met in real life,
and louise and lou are friends in real life.
but no one else had met lou for real before.)

he posted a picture of the delicious looking cake up for us all to see.
and wondered who the heck did it and named the suspects.
and with facebook, it could have been anyone, ya know?

this thrilled me.
just thrilled me.
lou was really touched.
i mean, who the heck wouldn't be?
how could you not feel special?!
and it was just such a fun thing to do.

if i had thought about it, i woulda guessed right away who did it.
but i didn't even think about it.
i was just so taken with the act of fun kindness and silliness.
and totally inspired by it.

it was when i saw the comments under the picture and saw one person
write 'ha!' that i immediately knew who did it.

and of course she did it. she's so full of delight and fun and would totally do this
kinda thing. as a matter of fact, she's done so many delightful fun things for me
as well, that it came as no surprise.

now, i know some personal stuff about the culprit. and sometimes she just doesn't
realize how wonderful she is. so, while lou got to feel special and got some great
cake - and we all got to be part of something really fun - and i got totally inspired
in the doing-fun-things-for-someone department - i think what's made the biggest
impression on me is that the giver mostly doesn't know how awesome she is.

and i want her to see herself thru my eyes - thru our eyes.
even just for a moment.

if we could all just see the delight we are to each other, how awesome would that be?!

and you, aimee, (alice) are a delight.
more than you'll ever know.
thank you for making all of our lives brighter.
and thanks for inspiring me to be more than i am.

here's to les,suzanne,diane,lynn (oh josh, i forget you again!) josh too -
and my aimee.

you guys add much zest and life to my days!
the world needs all of you!

and for the record - les didn't save any of us a piece of cake.


Diane in AR said...

Love this one - love the discreet (lol) name changing and the fun and finding out it was Aimee which was wonderful. . .love the love, the laughter, the friendship - and terri, love you - the glue that brought us all together. . .hugs

terri st. cloud said...

thanks doris! i love this one too~! and you too!

Diane in AR said...

funny thing - doris was my mom's name. . .weird, huh?

terri st. cloud said...

oh wow....yeah, that's weird!