Monday, September 22, 2014

my moment

in playing the 'moment' game over on facebook
(where we try to pay attention to the moments during the weekend
and grab some time just for ourselves somehow and then share one
special one.....)
i had one heck of an awesome moment this weekend.
actually, i had a bunch - but this is the one that just made such an impact.

while waiting for my guy to get something at the store,
i saw a stethoscope. a cheapie one.
one that'd be no big deal to buy.
and one i could hear my heart with!

how fun!
so i grabbed it and got it.
i got myself a treat.

and that nite, when i climbed into bed and all was quiet,
i took my stethoscope out and listened to my heart.

(of course, i had listened in the car right after i got it,
and listened to my guys' as well........but this was different.....
this was the quiet moment all alone......)

so there i was, laying in the dark, all lone, listening.
and i was in awe.
and i thought of how my heart just kept beating away so faithfully
and workin' away steadily for me.

and in that moment -
more than any other moment in my entire life -
i became friends with my body.

this needed to happen badly.
it wasn't planned.
it hadn't even crossed my mind.

but there it happened.
and ever since that moment, i've been listening to my body in a completely different way.

and last nite, again, i tuned in with my stethoscope and listened again.
i want to make this a nightly ritual.
somehow it just brings home what a magnificent thing my body is.

and i have so forgotten that.
and am loving finding that.

who knew?
a stethoscope could affect so much!


diane in ar said...

Dear Terri, you already listen to your heart better than anyone I know, but how delightful and really miraculous to hear your heart as well. . .keep on discovering wonders. . .

terri st. cloud said...

diane! clapping here! i hadn't even thought of the 'listen to your heart' part! can you believe that?! thank you!